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Thailand's first, biggest and best Electric Bicycle shop.  We offer sales, rentals, tours and maintenance.  We are here to help you evolve.


The Future

At E Revolution we believe the future of transportation includes electric vehicles dominating the market.  As manufacturing processes break new ground, the technology will become more affordable, durable, faster & cheaper.  We will leave conventional combustion engines in our wake !

We are Thailand's best online Electric Bike Shop ...  


The Electric Bicycle will spark a revolution and change urban transportation forever
— Alexander Houghton

We believe, the Electric vehicle revolution will transform transportation forever.  In 10 years more than 50% of vehicles on the road will be Electric.  Great advances in battery technology will continue to evolve and improve, which will make electric bicycles & vehicles the most efficient on the road. Also, manufacturing technology will make this affordable for everyone. That's why we are designing our very own transportation, in house.  We plan to manufacture electric vehicles right here in Thailand for exportation to the world. We want to be apart of the movement.  Do you ? send an email, give an idea, help shape the future !

E-REVOLUTION wants to iMagine,  design PLAN,  manufacture, export & grow our business all around the world.  We have BIG plans for the future and want to revolutionize local transport for people all over the world. We are taking one good idea & making it reality.  Our engineering team is currently designing the newest machine for tomorrow.  If you want to be apart of the Revolution, send us a message today !  We are currently working on tomorrow's INNOVATION.  If you want to be a part of the movement, share your idea !!

The Electric Revolution is taking place now, right before your eyes
— Paul Devereoux UK