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Thailand's first, biggest and best Electric Bicycle shop.  We offer sales, rentals, tours and maintenance.  We are here to help you evolve.


A Million reason's why E-Bikes are great !

There are many benefits to riding an Electric Bike.  They are a perfect alternative to conventional engines & will end up replacing the fossil fuel powered scooters on the roads all through Asia.  There are literally millions of these gasoline guzzling vehicles begging to be replaced.  If you are ecologically friendly & want something for the simple local errands around your neighbourhood,  visiting friends or commuting to work, electric bikes are simply more efficient & cheaper to operate.  Everyone loves a bargain & the dynamics of this simple argument will win every time.  Let's face it, life on earth would be better off with less gas guzzling anyway.   

Electric motorcycles offer a main advantage of providing clean transportation. They produce no pollution, no noise and no heat.  They don't produce any pollution where you drive. No CO2, NOx or dust. They produce very small noise so the level of noise in the streets will be reduced dramatically. They produce also no heat which is important in warm countries. Also you cannot be injured in accidents by the hot exhaust. 

Electric motorcycles don't need any oil changes or new sparking plugs. Also there is no transmission chain as the electric motor is integrated in the rear wheel. No regular maintenance is needed as all parts of an electric motorcycle are maintenance free, except the brakes!

Electric bikes are an option for everybody.  There are many reasons to go electric -  

  1. For starters its Fun !!

  2. Practical - everything rolled into one ..

  3. Easy - just ride & go

  4. Faster - in some cases, very fast !

  5. Sustainable - a good quality bike leaves a low carbon footprint

  6. Cheap - transport does not get cheaper than this !

  7. Healthy - that's right, it helps you move & body circulate

  8. Light - Under 20kgs now !

  9. Convenient - perfect for local runs to the shops & to visit friends

  10. Clean - not much oil involved in maintenance

  11. Ecologically responsible - more sustainable for the earths resources

  12. Go long distances - reserve your energy to go further

  13. Make hill climbs easy - Yes, Yes, Yes !!

  14. No Sweat - so you can arrive at your destination cleaner

Ok, I'm getting writers cramp now... only 999, 985 reasons to go !  Send in a reason & we will publish for you ! (legitimate only !)

With an electric motorcycle you pay only ฿7 per 100 km, compared to a normal motorcycle with combustion engine where you pay about 100 Baht per 100 km. So if you drive 1500 km per month you pay for fuel about 1500 Baht. For the electricity of the electric motorcycle only 105 Baht. For the electric motorcycle the batteries must be exchanged after 10.000 km to 20.000 km. Including the price of a new set of batteries this will save you about 10.000 Baht each 15.000 km driven

All E-Revolution bikes are practical, ecological, economical, easy to use & best of all ... lots of fun !!  

 From Urban City Riding to Offroad Mountain Biking.  There is an e-bike which will go anywhere for you. 

We are Thailand's best online Electric Bike Shop ...