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E Revolution Co Ltd has a range of batteries for your Electric Vehicle & bicycles in Thailand.  Shop online & we can organize shipment to your door.  We offer the secure PayPal online payment system.

Innovative in Li-ion Batteries = Faster charging and safer performance

      It is clear that the small capacity Li-ion (polymer) Battery containing lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) offers a great option for electronic applications. However, lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) is very expensive and un-safe for large capacity Li-ion Battery. Recently lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) has been becoming "best-choice" materials in commercial Li-ion (polymer) Batteries for large capacity and high power applications, such as lap-top, power tools, e-wheel chair, e-bike, e-car and e-bus. A LiFePO4 battery has superior performance characteristics such as safety in line with lead-acid & as powerful as lithium ion cells. 

Larger cell means better reliability & makes BMS possible to manage and protect each cell

Water Bottle Batteries -  (LiMn Cells)

  • Very Light and Easy Carry Water BottleBattery Pack
  • 36V08AH: 2.5kgs, for 35-40km range per charge
  • 24V10AH: 2.1kgs, for 30km range per charge
  • 24V08AH: 1.8kgs, for 25km range per charge

    Come with mounting bracket, keys, and universal charger 
Water Bottle Battery

Rear Rack Style 

  • Large and safe
  • Compact in size and light in weight (dimensions)
  • BMS manages to each cell for high reliability
  • Extra long cycle life - 5 times life of Lead Acid and 2 times of NiMH
  • Extremely safe: no explosion, no fire under collision, over charged or short circuit 
  • Weight = 6kgs LiFePO4 
  • Weight = 8kgs LiMn204

Options :

  • 24 volt 20 Amp hours
  • 36 volt 12 Amp hours
  • 48 volt 10Amp hours
Rack Style Battery LiMn2O4
Rack Style Battery LiFePO4

Frog Style Battery Pack - LiMn Battery Cells

  1. 24 volt 10 Amp hours
  2. 36 volt 10 Amp hours 
Rack Style Battery

High Capacity Battery LiFePO4

  • 48V15AH
  • Built in BMS
  • C-rating 3C (45A)
  • Weight 8.5 kgs
  • Life cycles >1500 Cycles
  • Size without bag 25cm*18cm*12.5cm
  • 3 Amp Charger Included with CE (Europe) and UL (North America) Certification
  • Battery has a 1 year warranty

Bag is considered as free and has no warranty

Eco Pack LiFePO4

High Capacity LiFePO4 Battery Packs

For Electric Motorcycles & Tricycles

Model : LPF-4820M

  • Capacity: 48 volt 20 Amp hours
  • Max Discharge Current: 60 Amps
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 40 Amps
  • Charging Cycles: >1000 times
  • Weight: 12Kgs
  • Dimensions: 150*150*300mm

Includes a built in BMS and 3 amp Charger with CE (Europe) and UL (North America) Certification.

Model : LFP-4830M

  • Capacity: 48 volt 30 Amp hours
  • Max Discharge Current: 90 Amps
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 60 Amps
  • Charging Cycles: >1000 times
  • Weight: 18Kgs
  • Dimensions: 180*190*320mm

Includes a built in BMS and 7 amp Charger with CE (Europe) and UL (North America) Certification.

Easy Pack LiFePO4

  • LFP 24 volts 100 Amp Hours   included (BMS/Relay box and 24V20AH Charger)
  • LFP 48 volts 100 Amp Hours                      included (BMS/Relay box and 48V20AH Charger)
  • LFP 72 volts 100 Amp Hours       included (BMS/Relay box and 72V20AH Charger)
  • LFP 72 volts 200 Amp hours   included (BMS/Relay box and 72V30AH Charger)
Car Pack LiFePO4

Electric Car LiFePO4 Battery Module with BMS - Self-Managed

  • Capacity: 24 volt 200 Amp hours
  • Max continuous discharge current: 2C
  • Charging cycle life: >1000 times
  • Standard charge current: 0.5C
  • Stainless Steel Casing

You can easily serialize the high capacity battery modules to form                                                                                                                             larger capacity battery packs.

Please enquire as to price as this will vary with setup